Telephone Voice Recording System – ACR6000

ACR6000 Telephone Voice Recording System  is a cost effective,  non-compromised voice quality and highly reliable voice logging solution for all businesses.

The open standard architecture and modular design allows user to use IBM compatible PC fitted with one or more PCI voice recording cards cater from 4 to 150 channels. ACR6000 support both ISDN PRI and analogue telephone line recording cards. It records all telephone conversation make by PABX extensions via ISDN PRI or analogue trunks.

The integrated SMDR and voice logger functionality allows user to monitor, search and play back all recorded voice files by PABX system extension number, dial number, caller ID and account code.

The auto backup function backed-up all recorded files into backup hard disk automatically without human intervention. The compressed recorded files can be converted to wav format for playing with windows media player.

ACR Client is a software module installed at client’s PC allows user access ACR6000 Telephone Voice Recording System remotely. ACR Client has full features of ACR6000 and support up to 10 concurrent login. ACR Client (upgrade version) is an enhance software module allows user access 2   ACR6000s with single login within the same local area network.

ACR Web is an enhance software module installed at ACR6000 to provide remote access using internet browser. User can search and play recorded voice file, convert to wave format and save to his local storage.