TONNET TPR7116 E-LAN HRG Voice Logger

TONNET TPR-7116 is a web-based 1 U rack mount telephone voice recording system with 1TB SATA Hard Disk. It allows user to login and manage the system from any PC using web browser. It is easy to deploy (plug and play), cost effective, non-compromised voice quality and highly reliable voice logging solution for all businesses. The basic system is equipped for 4 channels and expandable up to 16 channels by adding additional voice module (TPR6004)

The integrated SMDR and voice logger functionality allows user to monitor, search and play back all recorded voice files by PABX extension number in addition to search by channel, dial number, caller ID, date and time.


Web-based System – Allows users to manage, online monitor, search and play recording files, generate voice logger report using web browser. It support up to 20 web user accounts with different permission,

Wave format recording files – All recording file are save in wave format. The wave format allows user to save, forward and play from any common media player.

Maximum recording length – This feature allows user to set maximum recording duration to prevent the system continue recording in the event if the user did not properly hang-up the phone.

Auto backup – The system is equipped with a USB port for external storage. The system will automatic backup all the recording files to your USB storage.

System Alert – The system will automatically send email to notify administrator for immediate action in the event if detected an error, such as over duration recording, no recording in a specific time frame, storage usage alert, line error etc.

Reports – The system provides analysis information in text and statistic chart for administrator.


Configuration diagram