NEC DT530 Digital Business Phones

NEC offers 2 models of DT530 Digital Business Phones, DTK-24D-1P (BK) TEL (DT530 24 buttons) and DTK-12D-1P (BK) TEL (DT530 12 buttons).

With NEC’s innovative desktop phones, you can improve productivity through applications support and personalization of each phone. NEC offers a wide assortment of phones that best fits the individual’s role, whether your business communications are pure IP or any combination of IP and digital.


WIRELESS HEADSET ADAPTER – EHS support allows easy connection to wireless headsets.

DIRECTORIES – Quickly look up contacts in the directory by using the alphabetic keyboard.

HD AUDIO QUALITY – Both speakerphone and handset offer super wideband technology for superior HD audio quality.

ADJUSTABLE STAND – 5 adjustments – Built-in Wall Mount.

HIGH-QUALITY HANDSET – The slim line handset increases the conversation comfort.

INTUITIVE & INTERACTIVE NAVIGATION – All models offer intuitive and interactive navigation of the NEC communication features. Interactive keys or touch: The choice is yours.

FLEXIBILITY WITH ADD-ON MODULES – Add functions and direct-dial buttons. 60 additional line keys turning your phone into a switchboard.