The NEC DCK-60-1P(BK) CONSOLE add functions and direct-dial buttons with 60 additional line keys turning you phone into a switchboard. It is a Direct Station Select (DSS) Console that adds 60 programmable buttons for your DT530 and DT930 Series Terminals.

The DSS can also be physically attached to a DT920 IP Terminal, but the DSS must be connected to a digital extension port.

When used with DT930 IP terminals, connects directly using a special 5-inch cord which is provided with the DSS Console.

When used with a digital terminal, connects to a separate digital extension port.


  • 60 programmable line keys
  • Connects directly to the IP Terminal with a special 5-inch cord (provided with DSS)
  • Provides an additional 60 programmable keys, and 2 keys that allow ‘shifting’ between the first and second set of 100 extensions.
  • Connects to a separate digital extension port when used with a digital terminal.