NEC UNIVERGE® SV9100 Communication Server

The NEC UNIVERGE® SV9100 Communication Server is a new platform replacing SV8100. It is a perfect system for small to medium sized businesses. Its modular and scaleble architecture design is a future-proof Unified Communications solution built to scale as your business grows. SV9100 is expandable upto 400 Trunks 896 Extensions.

SV9100 has a great enhancement on its IP networking features; The “NetLink” on IP network supports upto 50 sites in a single database (One System). NetLink is suitable for multi-floor, multi-building campus or geographically dispersed office environment.

  • The “AspireNet” is suitable for larger organizations in a multi-building campus or geographically dispersed office environment. AspireNet mixed with others NEC platforms such as SL2100, SV8100 and SL1000 on IP network supports upto 256 sites.
  • The “SIP” is suitable for organizations with disparate systems. The SIP to any third party telephony platform provides point to point and point to multi-points networking solution.
  • The Unified Communication (UC) together with applications enables SMB customers to use several UC applications such
    as Web conference (Multi party, screen sharing) and IM, Presence. There are 2 type of applications to realized UC for SMB customers; InUC and UC Suite
  • The Mobile Extension enable to answer incoming calls at your extension by either Desktop Terminal or Mobile Phone. (Both terminals shall ring) and stop ringing when you answered by one of terminals
  • The Call Queuing enable to configure the incoming call queuing for unanswered calls by built-in VRS (Auto-attendant). VRS automatically answers and sends the waiting message periodically and send the MOH/BGM to queuing callers during holding the line.
  • The “NAPT” enable NEC DT800 and DT700 IP Terminals to be installed to support remote workers. Remote DT800/DT700 IP Terminals retain functionality as extensions to SV9100.


Versatile architecture – works as an IP system, digital system or a combination of the both
Modular architecture for exceptional scalability – A platform that grows with your business, cost effective from 10 to 896 Extensions, pay for only what you need
Unified Communications – Comprehensive suite of Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions
User-friendly management interface streamlines system administration
Support Multi-Line SIP client and multi-carrier