Commax 1 to 1 Door Intercom System

Commax 1 to 1 Door Intercom System is simple, reliable and high performance. It is suitable for office and resident. Installation is easy, just connect a 2 wire (non-polarity) from door phone (DR-201D) to phone set (DP-2S), phone set will ring when your visitor press the intercom button on the door phone. To answer, just lift up the handset, you will be able to communicate with your visitor.

The phone set built-in with a door release button. Connect a 2 wire from phone set to your electromagnetic lock (EM Lock) system enable you to open the door by press the door release button.


  • 2 wires with non-polarity
  • User friendly handset design with convenient hand grip
  • Electric chime call
  • Back call tone for visitor
  • Talk with a visitor
  • Door release button
  • Power source:  230/240 VAC
  • Phone set: wall mount/desktop




Connection Diagram