VIDOSEC VS-AFB27-E3 Face Recognition Thermometer

VIDOSEC VS-AFB27-E3 is specifically design to meet the demand of fast screening and efficient fever detection that require by many organisations as part of their public health actions to protect their employees, visitors and customers especially during this pandemic crisis.

It is easy to deploy and operate. You can choose to wall mount, place it on the desk or using a floor standing stand. Turn on the power and it operate standalone as a face recognition and body temperature measurement system.

VIDOSEC VS-AFB27-E3 has a unique feature, dynamic height tracking (DHT). DHT is the solution to human’s different height. It tract and adjust the camera automatically according to human height while identifying human face and measuring body temperature.

VIDOSEC Control Centre server is an application software develop to help organisations enable their visitors and customers to register name and phone number using their own smartphone after screening body temperature. Information inlcuding a snapshot, date & time, name, phone number, whether wearing a mask and body temperature reading are store in the server. User can generate the detail screening report as and when required after login to the server.

VIDOSEC Attendance is an application software develop to help organisations to have staff attendance record while screening body temperature before and after work.


Installation – Desktop – Wall Mount – Floor Standing