Synway SMG3000-B1L/B2L E1/T1 Gateway

SMG3000-B1L/B2L are unparalleled cost effective and compliant with ISDN PRI packets, and adopt the equivalent hardware architecture like Synway’s Telco’ grade SMG3000 series, with dedicated DSP chipsets for processing IP/TDM signalling and optimizing voice quality. Compared with rival products, SMG3000 features high reliability and unmatched cost, and delivers a perfect alternative option for enterprises, operators and system integrators.

  • Support 1/2 E1(T1 Optional) in Mini Size
  • Support SIP and SS7/ISDN/R2/CAS and More
  • Superior Voice Quality and Reliability in Full Load
  • Only 30mm*190mm *120mm(High*Wide*Deep)