Paradox SP Series Alarm System

Paradox offers full range of cost-effective, innovative and easy to use alarm system to meet your home and office requirement from Canada.

  • Spectra SP4000 (4 Zone on board)
  • Spectra SP5500 (5 Zone on board)
  • Spectra SP6000 (8 Zone on board)
  • Spectra SP7000 (16 Zone on board)

Special feature:

  • Provide protection for two independent partition areas at the same location. User can disarm first partition on day time while second partition still armed and protected.
  • Support phone call in to arm/disarm by adding a voice module
  • Support smoke alarm supervision
  • Support StayD mode (system is always armed and only partly disarmed when entering or exiting a site)
  • Support Internet module arm/disarm via web browser by adding IP100

Standard feature:

  • Arm or disarm with a single touch
  • Activate door chiming to notify you when someone enters or leaves a area
  • Can bypass one area to give access to maintenance workers while keep other area protected
  • Backlit keys on keypad to inform you at a glance on your alarm status
  • Panic function allow you to trigger alarm at any time when you feel threat
  • Built in phone auto-dialer to call out to CMS for help
  • Sleek new design with attractive keypads enhance any decoration
  • Large, soft keys make using your system easy for your entire family.
  • Improved lightning protection
  • Intellizones technology to prevent false alarm