Panasonic KX-NS1000 Business Communications Server

The KX-NS1000 is a IP based communications and collaboration server that provides a comfortable business environment in which customers can work wherever they are at anytime.

IP Smart Migration

KX-NS1000 allows existing KX-TDA/KX-TDE series PBXs to be upgraded and expand to IP Solution by Legacy Gateway. User can continue to use all their existing asset with new IP and server features.

Unified Communication

The KX-NS1000 gives you great flexibility for managing messaging services. Voice and fax messages can be received using the built-in Unified Messaging system in a number of ways; as e-mail attachments, through the KX-NS1000 IMAP4 server, or using the Communication Assistant. This means you can listen to voice messages using their phone or PC, for maximum flexibility.

Built-in Call Center Function

The KX-NS1000 is designed to use at Call Center environment. The built-in application support basic needs of supervisor in Call Center such as Queue Announcement, Live Status Monitor, Activity Report, Automatic Conversation Recording and more.

Terminal Line-up 

Panasonic provides various models of KX-NT series IP proprietary telephones, KX-HDV series IP phones, DECT portable stations, and IP cameras to meet your needs