TEJ: T1/E1/J1 Digital Telephony Card

TEJ: T1/E1/J1 Digital Telephony Card

Category: Asterisk Hardware


Synway TEJ Series Digital Telephony Card

Synway TEJ series T1/E1/J1 digital telephony card supports for Asterisk and other open source PBX, IVR and VoIP gateway applications. It helps software developers and service providers deliver cost effective open solutions. 


Key Features 

  • 1/2/4/8 ports per card
  • Support software configurable T1/E1/J1 interfaces
  • DSP enabled echo cancellation of carrier grade (32ms or 128ms)
  • Carrier grade reliability, highly flexibility and scalable (up to 720 ports)
  • Support Unix, Linux and Solaris: compatible with Zaptel, support a range of open source PBX systems such as Asterisk, Trixbox, Yate, Freeswitch, CallWeaver, Elastix etc.


Card Models

TEJ100P/101P, PCI   with 1 x T1/E1/J1

TEJ100E/101E, PCIe with 1 x T1/E1/J1

TEJ200P/201P, PCI   with 2 x T1/E1/J1

TEJ200E/201E, PCIe with 2 x T1/E1/J1

TEJ400E/401P, PCI   with 4 x T1/E1/J1

TEJ400E/401E, PCIe with 4 x T1/E1/J1

TEJ800E/801P, PCI   with 8 x T1/E1/J1

TEJ800E/801E, PCIe with 8 x T1/E1/J1

 *Note: TEJ*01 means 128ms echo cancellation, TEJ*00 means 32ms echo cancellation


Synway TEJ Series Product documents and drivers download


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