MOCET IG7600 IP PBX System

MOCET IG7600 IP PBX System

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     IG7600 IP PBX                  M62 IP Phone                       M22 IP Phone                          M54 App

MOCET IG7600 is a smart Business Communications Server specifically desgined for small and medium enterprise (SME). The IG7600 main control unit (Server) is equipped with 4 CO Trunk Lines, 12 SIP Trunks, 1 Single Line Port, 1 WAN 10/100/1000, 1 LAN 10/100 and Wi-Fi 802.11n Access Point. The system allows user to connect upto 49 IP Terminals (IP Phone extensions), 2 Video Doorphone and 8 IP Cameras.

MOCET IG7600 can turn your smartphones (iPhone & Android) into your office phones. You can register up to 16 smartphones to work as your office extensions with MOCET M54 App. Your smartphone can access your office line, receive incoming calls, making intercom calls, hold and transfer calls, make conference calls and enjoy many more of your office system features anywhere in the world as long your smarphone has access to WiFi or with 3G(4G) mobile phone coverage. 

TM Multi-Line SIP is a voice service over high speed broadband for SME offered by TM. It offers supreme voice connection, support Pilot Hunting, DID (Direct Inward Dialing), Caller ID, Call Forward, Call Waiting and many more. IG7600 fully complied to TM Multi-Line SIP specification. With IG7600, SMEs can enjoy full fetures of TM Multi-Line SIP.

Auto-attendant is an in-built feature at no extra cost. User can configure auto-attendant call flow and record customised greeting.

Voice mail system is an in-buil feature at no extra cost. All recorded voice message can be forward to your email in a wave attached file. This feature allow user to receive voice message via email when away from the office (Voice Mail to Email).

Voice Recording is an in-built feature. It allows user to record telephone conversation when required by pressing a button (Voice Recording) on M22 or M62 IP Phone.

Caller ID is an in-built feature, All CO trunk ports support FSK and DTMF Caller ID wihtout additional hardware. 

Multi-sites connection via broadband enable up tp 10 systems of IG7600 linked together. User can intercom and tansfer call to each other, access trunk lines of remote system for outgoing call.  

MOCET IG7600 is a best chooise for small and medium size office.

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