NEC SL2100 Keyphone System

NEC SL2100 Keyphone System

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NEC SL2100 Keyphone System is a Smart Communications System. It is designed to cater for small and medium enterprises. It is a future proof system that protect your investment. You can begin with 3 Lines and 8 Extensions and expand the system by adding expansion modules with your business growth.

sl2100 multi-line terminals

NEC SL21000 - Future Proof Design System

Expandable - Basic system is equiped for 3 Lines 8 Extensions and expandable up to 12 Lines 32 Extensions. It can be further expand up to 36 Lines 96 Extensions by adding expansion chassis and modules.

IP Trunks - Enjoy the benefits of IP Trunk begin with 1 channel and expandable up to 64 channels (SIP / H323) with a basic system by adding IP Trunk Licenses.

IP Extensions - Enjoy the advantages of IP Extensions (SIP/NEC IP Phone) by adding SIP Extension License or NEC Multi-Line IP Phone up to a maximum of 112 IP Extensions with a basic system wihtout expensive investment on SIP Server or IP PBX.

IP Network - With NEC AspireNet, you can intercom and call transfer within branches through your IP Network. It can support up to 50 nodes.

Unified Messaging - Basic system built-in with 4 channels VRS/VM (Voice Response System / Voice Mail) and 2 hours recording storage. The VRS provides up to 100 recorded messages allowing you to provide customised greeting for Auto-attendant to direct caller dial his desired extension number. Voice Mail allow caller to leave a voice message in the event if the called extension is not able to answer the call. By adding InMail - Email Notification License, the system will notified user via email when a new message received in the VM.

2 Way Call Recording - This feature allows user to record telephone conversation by pressing a feature button. Recording storage can be increased to 15 hours by adding SDVMS or 120 hours by adding SDVML.   

Door Phone & Door Opener - You can assigned one ( 1 ) or multiple extensions to ring to answer door phone call. Press a feature button on your phone to open Electro Magnetoc Door.

UC Suite - Providing click to dial, call log, pop-up on ringing, softphone, video conferencing, collaboration, document sharing, presence and instant messaging up to 112 users. Application licenses required.

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