NEC Aspila Topaz Keyphone System

NEC Aspila Topaz Keyphone System

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NEC Aspila Topaz is an intelligent hybrid system. It is designed to accommodate small and medium enterprise (SME). It is the most cost effective and affordable for expanding small and medium businesses. The basic system is equipped with 3 trunk lines 8 extensions and expandable up to 27 trunk line 72 extensions.


Telephone Sets




Unique Features

Full Hybrid Ports - Hybrid ports allows user to connect Key Telephone or Single Line Telephone that best meets his requirement.

Built-In Caller ID- This is a built-in feature. It allows user to view caller's telephone number before answer an incoming call. In addition, it also allows user to retrive historical records of received and missed calls telephone number.

Door Phone / Door Lock - Support upto 2 door phones for each cabinet (total 6 door phones in 3 cabinets). When a visitor press the call button of door phone, pre-assigned extensions will ring allowing user to talk to the visitor. User can open the electromagnetic lock by pressing a function code on his phone.

Day / Night / Lunch Mode- This feature allows user to change the system behavior manually or automatically according to the time of day such as incoming calls ringging extensions, extension class of service (COS) etc.

External MOH / Paging (Optional)- Aspila Topaz provides intefece for external music on hold (MOH) allowing user to play customised on-hold music and external paging interface for public address (PA) system allowing user to page via extension phone.

Leasr Cost Routing (LCR) - This feature automatically route outgoing calls to the cheapest trunk group (telco) based on dail number.

SMDR - Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) allows user connect to a PC based call billing system.  Call billing system helps   to monitor and manage the company's telephone usage.

External Back-up Battery - Aspila Topaz equipped with an interface for external back-up battery. In the event of power failure, the system will continue to operate with external battery power for few hours without interruption.

Conference - This feature allows user to setup a teleconference between internal and external parties and can be established up to 8 parties in a conference call.

Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) - This feature handles incoming calls efficiently by distributing them to extensions uniformly within the UCD group. In the event if all extensions are busy, the system will put the calls in the queued.

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