DP540T Time Schedule Digital Player

DP540T Time Schedule Digital Player

Category: Auto-attendant and Voice Mail System


The DP540T is a message and music source Digital Player with time schdeule. DP540T support upto 24 time schedule, 7 days and public holiday. It is also an external Music On-Hold (MOH) player for PABX System. The solid-state designed with CD voice quality is designed for multiple applications. This digital player is equipped for 4 tracks 18 minutes recording storage is very useful for playing Message or Music to meet various business demands. The built-in non-volatile FLASH memory stores high quality crystal-clear sound with PCM 64Kbps sampling rate. The stored content of messages/music can be preserved and lasted up to 10 years under power failure.

DP540T is equipped with a LAN port. The provided DPSchedule program allows user upload her desired message/music and erase unwanted message by just a few click. The 24 Time Schedule allows user to preset desired time to paly desired messages.



 * PABX External Music On Hold Player - Announce or play pre-recorded voice messages and play elegant music to caller when incoming call is put on hold.

 * Multi-purpose Usage for Message Announcement - Other applications include:-

     - Play promotional contents during the store promotion campaign

     - Play various announcement at pre-set time schedule in school, factory or public occasion.

     - Play announcement for event, news, product introduction in stores, trade shows and information centers.

     - Alarm system (emergency announcement)

     - Interactive items description in Museums


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