EVM Series Voice Mail System

EVM Series Voice Mail System

Category: Auto-attendant and Voice Mail System


The EVM Series Voice Mail System is a full-features standalone Voice Mail, Audiotex and Auto-attendant system. It is designed to support most of the PABX and Key Telephone Systems in the market. The EVM is a low power consumption solid-state designed and proven as a high reliability and durability system. Thus, it is the best choice for your Auto-attendant and Voice Mail System Solution.EVM_Series_VMS

                      EVM8100A                                                            EVM2050A


The EVM2050A is a 2 ports Voice Mail System equipped with 255 mailboxes, approximately 5.5 hours voice storage and 4 levels 256 audiotex menus. It is an affordable solution for small and medium businesses.

The EVM8100A is a 4 ports Voice Mail System expandable to 8 ports by adding an expansion module. The system is equipped with 511 mailboxes, approximately 120 hours voice storage and 4 levels 170 audiotex menus. It is designed to accommodate larger capacity requirement.


Unique Features

* Support multi-lingual auto-attendant greetings

* DTMF Integration with most of the PABX systems

* Support external call diversion

* Auto-switch day, lunch, night and holiday greetings

* Support message waiting light for most of the PABX systems 

* Support individual mailbox personalised greetings

* Support Multi-level auto-attendant directory assistant

* Support 2-way conversation recording



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