TONNET TP72XX Series VoIP Router

TONNET TP72XX Series VoIP Router

Category: IP Phone & VoIP Gateway


TONNET TP72 Series VoiP Router is designed to interconnect  2 or more PABXs and Keyphone systems of diferrent locations via IP network. PABX users are able to intercom and transfer call to each other via IP network at no call tarrif charges.

TP72 Series offers 3 models of VoIP Router:

TP7278 : 8 Ports FXS/FXO Configurable

TP7277 : 4 Ports FXS/FXO Configurable

TP7262 : 2 Ports (1 FXS + 1 FXO)

TP7260 : 2 Ports FXS




TP72 Series VoIp Router is compatible to all PABX systems with FXS and/or FXO interfaces. The in-built  routing table with flexible numbering plan function allows users to customise thier call routes by dial number. Call routing can be done for point to point and point to multi point communication without registration to SIP Server.

In addition, TP72XX VoIP Router support upto 4 SIP servers registration. In other words, TP72 Series VoIP Router is ready to work with 4 IP trunk service providers as well as a remote extenions gateway for 4 IP PBXs.


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