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VIDOSEC VS-AFB27-E3 Face Recognition Thermometer 

Is a cost effective and ideal solution for Body Temeperature Measurement. No closed contact, safe and reliable. 

API is avaialbe for 3rd party software integration. Web-based QR-Code Self Registration and Time Attendance server provide value added solution

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NEC SL1000      Smart Communication  Server

It is an affordable, expandable solutions for expanding small and medium businesses..

NEC SL1000  allows for easy expansion from a  minimum capacity of 4 trunks 8 extensions to a  maximum of 48 trunks 128 extensions by adding expansion modules.

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The NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 IP PABX is a robust, feature-rich and scalable system that is ideal for SME and SMI.

The SV9100 expandable from 4 trunks 8 extensions upto a maximum of 400 trunks 896 extensions. This system enable you to deploy a pure IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional circuit-switched technology,

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KX-NS300 Smart Hybrid PBX

Panasonic KX-NS300 is a modular design smart hybrid PBX system. It is expandable from a miumum capacity of 6 trunks 18 extensions  up to 130 extensions by  adding expansion interface modules. Caller ID is a built-in feature without additional hardware.

It is an affordable and  feature-rich system.supports VoIP, ISDN, ACD etc.

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FJTtel Telephone Voice Recording System

Proven high quality, reliable and affordable PC or server based telephone voice recording system. It support voice recording on analog lines or extensions,, digital extensions and ISDN E1 PRI.

It is designed for easy expansion of upto 128 channels. Built-in with comprehensive search function to search recorded file by dial number, extension, channel, caller ID, date, time and duration.

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MOCET IG7600 IP PBX supports TM Multi-Line SIP. It has fully tested and certified by TM. It is an affordable, realible and cost effective IP PBX System for SMI and SME to enjoy full benefits of TM Multi-Line SIP.

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Panasonic KX-NS300 is replacing KX-TDA100D at a much more affordable price. This new model of IP PBX is equipped with caller ID feature for CO trunks and extensions.

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NEC Launched a new IP Keyphone System SL2100. It is a Smart Communications System built-in brilliance begin with 3 lines 8 extensions expandable upto 112 extensions. It meets all SMEs' requirement at the most affordable price.



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Friday, 04 December 2020 00:00

VIDOSEC VS-AFB27-E3 is a new product specifically design to meet the high demand for body temperature measurement with attendnace report and access control requirement in this Covid-19 pandemic. This terminal is equipped with face recognition feature, body temperature meansurement, access control and API for developer. In addition, we provide self-registration system software and attendance system software with every purchase of VIDOSEC VS-AFB37-E3.

Introducing the latest MOCET IG7600, the world first smartphone communication server offering a new way of communication using your smartphone to communicate with your office and home and allowing you to access your office and home telephone lines via WiFi or 3G/4G mobile data from anywhere in the world at no roaming charges.

MOCET IG7600 can work as a stand alone smartphone gateway as well as interconnect with your office PBX system enables your smartphone to work as a a long distance wireless extension so that you can enjoy PBX functions such as intercom calls, Hold, Transfer, Conference, Call Forward, Paging, Voice Mail and many more,

In addition, you can use your smartphone to montor your office and home via IP cameras that connected to MOCET IG7600 and view your visitor and talking to him via video doorphone.

MOCET IG7600 support TM Multi Line SIP. It has fully tested and certified by TM. With TM Multi Line SIP, MOCET IG7600 users can enjoy enchance features such as DID (Direct Inward Dialing), Incoming and Outgoing Caller ID, External Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and many more.


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